Fighting to reduce the mosquito nuisance

Being aware of this alarming situation

Mosquito bites not only provoke allergic reactions but also transmit serious illnesses to human and domestic animals. Every year, they are responsible for over 750,000 deaths, caused by the tropical diseases they carry (chikungunya, zika, dengue, malaria). With climate change, more and more cities and countries worldwide are being affected. This proliferation of diseases is generating an alarming increased risk of infection.

A startup that is constantly innovating

The TechnoBAM Research & Development team is constantly innovating in order to offer you the best eco-responsible solutions ever. In 2019, we will unveil the results of several years worth of research in eco-responsive mosquito control : the new anti-mosquito unit SMARTBAM

A better BAM for a better world

SMARTBAM, for a smarter solution against mosquitos

The patented system simulates human breathing by mimicking its mechanical and chemical aspects :

  • SMARTBAM breathes out in a cyclic manner just as humans do
  • SMARTBAM’s outputs are rich in recycled CO2 and imitate human breathing and transpiration as an olfactory lure.

These two elements attract female mosquitoes in search of the blood they need for their eggs to mature. As they come in closer to the trap, they are sucked in by the vacuum system and held in by a net from which they can’t escape, reducing the mosquito nuisance by 88% and ensuring human protection within a radius of up to 60 meter per trap.

An environmentally friendly solution

The SMARTBAM anti-mosquito unit is an IOT eco-responsible trap attracting and catching mosquitoes, without affecting the environment. The BAM uses recycled CO2, collected from industrial waste or generated during cereal storage in grain elevators. TechnoBAM is committed to the environment, offering a preventive solution to the mosquito issue and at the same time limiting the use of pesticides and larvicides which impact the non-targeted fauna and the world biodiversity. This new IOT mosquito trap comes to offer an answer to the millions of household problems in the world.

Efficient and beautifully designed, to safely enjoy outdoor spaces!

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Our TECH partners approved it!

A recognition by the leading edge of technology

  • CES innovation awards

    At CES 2018, Techno BAM Smart BAM won 2 innovation awards HONOREE category "Tech For A Better World" and "Smart Cities" for its iot and eco responsive technologie of mosquito control.

  • GreenTech Verte

    In 2017, TechnoBAM was awarded the GreenTech Verte by the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition for its innovative project, contributing to an ecological transition

  • Climate KIC

    TechnoBAM won in 2017 the Climate KIC call for project, which aims to help the startups acting positively on climate change.

  • CES Innovation Awards
  • Green Tech Verte
  • Climat KIC